Blocking email "spam".

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step 1

If you are receiving junk email or want to block a sender from sending you email there is a way to do it in ENA Webmail Console.

1. Browse to ENA WebMail site.


2. Log-in to your ENA Webmail.

step4 3. Click on the email as if you were going to read it.



4. To the right of "Options" you should see choices in blue. Click on "Block Sender". This will block all emails from that sender.



"Block Domain" may also be clicked. This will block all emails with the coming from the same domain (the information coming after the "@" symbol).

Alternate Method


Another way to block spam is located under the "Options" button.

1. Click "Options".


2. Select "Spam Filters".


3. Click the drop down menu and choose "Blacklist From".


4. Enter email information. Click "Add New Address" button.

The only drawback to this method is that spammers tend to use the same address only once. The next time they send you spam it will most likely be from a different address.

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